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Our solutions for agriculture make everyday life easier

The typical barn environment is tough and demanding. That’s why we have developed a special polyurea that is sprayed on the stalls of the stables. This gives them a layer that insulates, protects animals from injury and is incredibly easy to clean. It makes your everyday life in agriculture much easier.

Application: Agriculture

Polyurea is the best choice - for the animals and you as a farmer

Our polyurea is not only the best solution for the animals – it’s also the best solution for you as a farmer. Animals are better protected, and as a farmer, you’ll enjoy lower heat consumption, fewer repairs and easier cleaning.

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Polyurea in both new and existing barns

You can use polyurea in both new and existing barns, where it works effectively as surface protection. Here are two good reasons to use polyurea in both new and existing barns.

Polyurea in new stables

If you're building a new farm, polyurea flooring in the stables is an obvious choice. With our polyurea, you get the optimal underlay that saves you a lot of time and effort. In addition, the animals also get the optimal conditions and can avoid injuries.

Polyurea in existing barns

Do you have a barn with a cracked floor that makes everyday life difficult? Then we can help you, quickly and efficiently. We spray polyurea on the area and it gets into even the smallest places. This also means it can be applied even when the fixtures are in place. The process is quick and efficient, so animals only need to be out of the barn for a limited period of time.

Benefits of polyurea flooring

The benefits of our specially developed polyurea for agriculture are many. Most importantly, it makes life better for both your animals and you as a farmer.

Here are several other benefits:

Get others to do the "hard work" for you

At Nestaan Nordic, we develop and supply the material you need for your agricultural project. If you also need help applying the polyurea, we have skilled and experienced partners who can help you get the job done safely. This means that as our customer, you don’t just get what you need – you can also avoid the “hard work” of applying it. We guide you safely and securely through the entire process and are with you from idea to completion.

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