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Elastomer is used for the mould casting of wheels, the coating of rollers and a variety of other purposes. Receive our advice and guidance for the use of elastomer here.

Moulded items in a durable material

Elastomer is a moulding compound which shares many of the flexible properties of rubber but requires simpler moulds than those used to make rubber items.

You can use elastomer to mould items such as wheels, or you can apply it to elements to protect them against wear and chemicals.  

Green wheels with metal center

Benefits of elastomer

Elastomers are a material with a wide range of advantages. Read about four of them here.


Extremely durable

Elastomer is preferable if your product or item is to be able to withstand extreme loads and wear.


Elastomer is incredibly chemical-resistant and is therefore the ideal material for items used in a harsh environment.

Flexible material

Elastomer is an incredibly flexible material that can be used for many tasks, including rollers, submarine cables and for the wind turbine industry.

Significant variations in shore (hardness) is possible

Our chemical engineers can adapt the recipes, and thus you can get elastomer in exactly the shore your task requires.

Frequently asked questions

Why choose United Foam as your elastomer supplier?

We would like to do more for you than just deliver products. Our many years of experience in elastomer, amongst others, enables us to offer you competent advice and guidance.

Great influence on the finished product

We offer more than off-the-shelf products. We are able to adapt individual products to your requirements. You, thus, greatly influence the finished product.

A supplier with technical knowhow

Our many years of experience with elastomer gives us the technical background to develop customised products to suit your requirements.

Quick delivery of the quantity required

We are able to deliver quickly and also compound both smaller and greater quantities – to suit your requirements.

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