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Foam insulation with a myriad of possibilities

PUR foam can be used for a wide range of insulation applications in industry, construction, agriculture and more. Get inspiration for your insulation job here.

Application: Insulation

Why insulate with PUR foam?

PUR foam as an insulation material is characterized by being extremely heat and cold insulating, making it ideal for harsh industrial environments. You can get PUR foam in all kinds of hardnesses and densities. It’s also easy to apply, either via spray, pour or fill foam.

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Frequently asked questions

The possibilities are (almost) endless with PUR foam

When we say you can use PUR foam for almost any type of insulation, we really mean it. Here you can see a number of examples of the insulation tasks that PUR foam can solve:

We have skilled partners who can help you get your project done

If you need insulation work done, we have a number of skilled partners who can do the job for you. This means you don’t have to invest in a large spraying system. That’s why Nestaan Nordic is the safe choice when you need a company that will guide you safely and securely through the entire process. We’re with you from idea to completion.

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Need help with insulation?

We have extensive experience in insulating with PUR foam. Contact us to learn more about how we can solve your insulation task and get a no-obligation quote.