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Lightweight and tailored solutions for maritime use

Tough off-shore wind and weather conditions require extremely durable materials. Polyurea is an obvious choice if you require a robust product that is able to withstand life at sea. 

Application: Maritime

Tailored solutions for maritime use

Polyurethane can be used for a wide range of purposes within the maritime area. It can be like the inner core in fenders, where polyurea can be used as the outer core. Elastomers are also used for offshore projects, as the product is very elastic, while PUR foam can be used as buoyancy in floating pontoons and can be controlled right down to the kilo basis.

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Our tailored solutions are used here:

Polyurethane can be used for a wide range of purposes in a maritime environment. It is both durable, elastic and almost maintenance-free, which makes it a particularly useful material in the harsh environment at sea. Here you can see three areas where you can advantageously use polyurethane. 


Polyurea is ideal as a surface treatment for the protection of foundations in the offshore industry, because it is both extremely hard-wearing, shock-absorbing and non-slip - and in the harsh marine environment, a protective surface treatment is necessary.

The fishing industry

Polyurea extends the life of machines, components and equipment in the fishing industry. It can, for example, be applied quickly and without problems to fish tanks in fish farms. Polyurea is almost maintenance-free.

Port facilities

At port facilities, it is important that security is high. Therefore, polyurea is a good choice for surface treatment of the coating. It is durable, shock-absorbing, non-slip and easy to keep clean.

Reasons for choosing polyurethane for maritime use

It is both costly and difficult to manufacture products suitable for maritime use. First and foremost, durable and robust materials are a must. And it is often required of the material that it must be resistant to oil and the like. 

By using polyurethane, you use a material which is:

We have partners who are specialized in carrying out polyurea tasks.

We are a system house. This means that we develop the material you need for your task. If you also need help applying the material, we have experienced partners who can handle the task for you. We are with you from idea to completed task and guide you safely and securely through the entire process. 

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