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Do you need a flexible and durable material which protects the surfaces of your manufacturing environment? Then polyurea is the smart choice. Receive a tailored product and guidance on the material from us.   


Protect equipment and surfaces against wear

Polyurea is characterised by its specific flexibility and durable surface. This makes the material the obvious choice for i.a. surface protection and coating of manufacturing environments.

Polyrea can be used, among other things, to protect rollers and drive wheels and contributes to extending the life of the machine. Polyurea can also be used to protect sewer pipes against wear. In reality, the only limits to what you can use polyurea for are your imagination.

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Advantages of polyurea

Many good things could be said of polyurea as a protective material for surfaces. These are the most significant:


Extremely chemical-resistant – the obvious choice for harsh manufacturing environments

Do your company’s manufacturing processes involve or are your products exposed to chemicals and are you looking for life-extending surface protection? Then, Polyurea is the solution for your company.

Good friction – suitable for e.g. non-slip flooring

You can create a high level of friction with polyurea which makes it ideal for areas requiring non-slip flooring.

Flexible and easy to work with

As opposed to similar products, polyurea is incredibly flexible. This means that polyurea does not crack. Polyurea is a two-component solution which makes it easy to work with.

Many areas of application

Since polyurea can be applied to all types of material and substrate, the possibilities with polyurea are almost unimaginable.

Recieve guidance on applying polyurea

When using polyurea, it is important to pre-treat the substrate properly to get the most out of the material. In some cases it requires that you grind or sandblast the substrate first. However, always remember to apply primer before applying polyurea. 

If you need help applying polyurea, we can help you. We can rent the right machine for the purpose, or put you in touch with a supplier who can handle the task.  

Frequently asked questions

Why choose United Foam as a supplier of polyurea?

We provide assistance all the way. United Foam works alongside you, both before, during and after delivery.

Products adapted to your needs

We are able to adjust the compound ratios to ensure that the final product fulfils your specific requirements. We test and try it out in a close collaboration with you.

Sparring based on many years of experience

We are not afraid to call ourselves experts in polyurea. You can therefore trust and ask us for advice if you have questions relating to the material, the use of products or anything else.

Assistance with the application and the use of machines

The product is in place, but what about the application itself? You can lease the right machine from us or we can arrange to have an external collaborative partner to handle the job.

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