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PUR foam

PUR foam is one of the most efficient insulation materials on the market. It can be used for everything from insulating district heating pipes to mattresses and cushions in the furniture industry. Learn more about PUR foam on this page.

PUR foam

An insulation material with many applications

When you need an effective insulation material that is easy to handle, PUR foam is a great choice. PUR foam is suitable for most things when it comes to insulation. We are happy to help you with guidance and advice based on our technical know-how and years of experience.

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Advantages of PUR foam

PUR foam is a material with lots of benefits when it comes to insulation. Here are four good reasons to choose PUR foam.

Highly insulating

PUR foam from Nestaan Nordic is characterized by being extremely heat and cold insulating. This makes PUR foam ideal for insulation in demanding environments.

Light in weight

Compared to other insulation materials, PUR foam is incredibly lightweight, which significantly benefits most applications.

Adds stability

PUR foam is an incredibly durable material with high stability. If you need these properties, PUR foam from Nestaan Nordic is the solution.

Easy to handle

Our chemical engineers customize PUR foam according to your needs. Combined with years of experience and application know-how, you are guaranteed the right guidance for handling the material.

PUR foam in different variants

What can you use PUR foam for? We deliver it as filling foam, spray foam or bottle foam – depending on the purpose.

Filling foam

Filler foam is characterized by a slower drying time. This makes it ideal for cavity insulation, as the foam can drain into the cavity before it dries.

Spray foam

Spray foam has a fast reaction time, which means it forms very quickly. This makes it perfect for insulating walls and ceilings.

Bottle foam

Bottled foam has the same fast reaction time as spray foam, but bottled foam allows you to order in smaller quantities. It is often used for insulating district heating pipes.

Frequently asked questions

Why choose us as your PUR foam supplier?

As one of Denmark’s leading suppliers of PUR foam, there are many good reasons to choose us. See a selection of them here.

Get a say in the process

At Nestaan Nordic, we stay in close contact with you throughout the process. We mix in small batches and adjust the processes so that the finished product suits your needs.

Products based on technical know-how

Years of experience and technical knowledge enable us to identify your needs and create custom solutions that solve your specific challenges.

Mixing and machine use guide

We don’t just manufacture the material you need. We are also happy to advise you on mixing and machine use.

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