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If you have a great idea, we can help bring it to life. There are a myriad of possibilities that PUR foam, polyurea and elastomers can be used for.

Application: Custom solutions

You have an idea. We have the experience - and the solution

Our many years of experience with PUR foam, polyurea and elastomers means we can offer you expert advice, whatever your challenge.


Examples of custom solutions

Our customers’ great ideas and our experience and know-how have created many great custom solutions over the years. Here you can read about two of them:

Worktops for outdoor use

One of our customers wanted to increase the durability and ease of cleaning on a set of garden tables. We developed a polyurea that could be sprayed on the tables. As a result, garden tables can now be left outside for longer periods of time - without wear and tear and still look great.

Extra durable concrete pipes

To increase the lifespan of a number of sewer pipes, we sprayed them with polyurea. This has improved their ability to withstand wear and tear, while also protecting the sewer pipes from the chemicals and fumes they are exposed to.

Want us to help with your next custom solution?

We often help customers in innovative industries, small entrepreneurs, hobby inventors and the like. With our experience, we can always stay focused on your needs and help your project succeed.

For example, we can help you if you are looking for PUR foam with a specific hardness or a polyurethane product in a specific color.

Get help to get to the finish line with your custom solution

Developing the right material for your project is one thing. There we can advise, guide and develop the right solution in collaboration with you. The next step is to get the material applied correctly.

At Nestaan Nordic, we have a number of skilled and experienced partners who can take care of this part of the job for you. They can guide you safely and securely through the entire process. You’ll also avoid having to invest in expensive machines and spend time getting it applied correctly.

In short, we’re with you every step of the way from idea to completion.

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